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Prauper Studios in collaboration with ArtHouston Magazine, The Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs (Houston), and FreshArts Org, is conducting an Artist Call for an upcoming art exhibition hosted in a historic 18,000 sqft gallery in Downtown Houston. The exhibition will display the history, accomplishments, art, photographs, and music catalog of Houston based or affiliated fine artists, photographers, musicians, record labels, and organizations.

Submission Deadline:
December 20, 2021 at 7pm

Applicant Submission Requirements

• Submit original work, portfolio, or works in progress.
• Provide work to be installed by January 11, 2022.
• Provide information about your work. Include a brief biography about the artist.
• The development of all work is at the expense of the artist, unless represented by the gallery.
• The installation of all work is at the expense of the gallery.
• All submissions may not be selected and are subject to the curator's approval.
• If selected, artists will have an opportunity to be represented by the gallery. Once represented, material costs for work will be covered by the gallery.

*Submissions will be selected by John Bernard of ArtHouston Magazine, Necole Irvin of MOCA, and Marci Dallas of FreshArts Org in Houston. All art selected will be for sale at a 60/40 split favoring the artist. For more information please contact us.


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