Refine Pharmaceuticals needed web design, marketing strategy and branding and identity strategy to harness a brand message that promoted health confidence through medicinal hemp.

Branding & Identity  |  Website  |  Photography

Social Media Consultation  |  Campaign Development

Branding & Identity

Refine Pharmaceuticals came to us for brand identity and strategy that would create an environment that was welcoming and informative to anyone using the platform. Our team helped shape the brand message for customers to understand which CBD products were best to use.

Our goal for Refine Pharmaceuticals was to help them make a mark in the CBD industry, via incredibly simple brand identity.

Website Development

Refine Pharmaceuticals website was designed to attract customers and style that flowed with the voice of the brand. Our team delivered a seamless experience for purchasing and a one stop shop in understanding the benefits of CBD.

Marketing Strategy

We focused on a marketing strategy that developed personas around the new brand identity and enhanced language that represented the progression of alternative ways to heal.Using photo and video to tie in human connectivity of refine pharmaceutical products to achieve lifelong success. 

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